Just a Cloister of Neighborhoods

Due to its size, the Northeast section of the City of Philadelphia is divided into two separate sections: Near Northeast and Far Northeast. Its boundaries include the Delaware River to the east, Bucks County to the north, Montgomery County to the west, and the Frankford/Tacony Creek to the south.

Early settlers in the area were Swedish farmers who took residence in the southern portion of the area. The following settlers were the English Quakers until William Penn established his Pennsylvania colony. When the City of Philadelphia was developed the land that is now Northeast Philadelphia was not part of the original city plan. The area was known as Philadelphia County. However, that changed in the early 1800's when this 51 square mile stretch of land was incorporated into the City of Philadelphia.

Although you will no longer find a Lenni Lenape Indian, the original residents of the area, you will find a diversified culture living within the 51 square miles north of Center City.